Outdoor landscaping including facade, swimming pool surrounds, fencing and tiling.

We leveraged the Master Builders EDOCS system for efficient delivery of all official contract documentation, ensuring streamlined communication and documentation management throughout the project lifecycle. 

Despite challenges posed by client-initiated variations and redesigns, our project management team swiftly addressed these changes in close collaboration with the client, architects, engineers, and subcontractors, maintaining objectives, quality, and budget adherence. 

Our builder-client relationship fostered effective communication and mutual understanding, facilitating coordination among stakeholders and ensuring professionalism and project success. Our team’s commitment to excellence ensured timely delivery, contributing to the successful execution of the project and achievement of project objectives.

This project showcasing our use of innovative building solutions, featuring inventive utilisation of materials and construction techniques. Deco Battening, crafted from lightweight aluminium and employed with pioneering construction methods, enabled precise cutting to achieve curves and wave effects, elevating fencing, pool enclosures, and seating areas beyond traditional timber in both durability and functionality. 

Embracing a diverse palette of textures, such as rock walls and tiles that required complex installation due to the existing pool have enhanced the visual appeal and usability of this Hotel. With a focus on seamless integration with the Cairns Esplanade, we aimed to create a tropical oasis captivating visitors, achieving a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and sustainability. The use of sustainable materials underscored the project’s dedication to environmental responsibility and design innovation, infusing a tropical ambiance that seamlessly blended with the vibrant surroundings, establishing an enchanting destination for guests and visitors.

Our team encountered unique challenges in delivering this project, demanding innovative solutions for success. Weadeptly navigated these challenges, prioritizing proactive risk management and client satisfaction to achieve project objectives. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensured timely project completion, even amidst variations and the addition of a new project. Notably, the unexpected addition of the front foyer enhancement introduced significant complexities, necessitating swift adaptation and close collaboration with the client. Additionally, site characteristics imposed notable restrictions, particularly regarding access to public areas and parking bays. Comprehensive safety measures were implemented to safeguard pedestrians and maintain clear access routes for visitors, mitigating risks and ensuring successful project delivery.

Diligent coordination minimized disruptions and ensured safety during demolition and machinery usage, prioritizing adherence to heat and safety standards for the well-being of our workers and the public.

Despite these challenges we delivered the project on time and exceeding expectations. 

Out entire team successfully navigated all encountered challenges whilst upholding our commitment to ensuring quality workmanship, safety, and sustainability. Innovative solutions and meticulous planning minimized disruption and maximized impact, resulting in a visually stunning outcome.

The successful completion of this project and the remarkable transformation of the entire building facade, considering the project’s budget constraints speaks volumes about our professionalism, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. This dedication to precision and artistry sets the Cairns Plaza renovation apart as a showcase of exemplary craftsmanship and innovative problem-solving in architectural design and construction.

The Build Process

Project Description

Commercial contract undertaken for the external landscaping and pool area ...


Cairns Plaza Hotel, Cairns



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